This Is How It's Done!

This Is How It's Done!

Being able to create each t-shirt design can be very fullfilling.  I've always been a creative and loved to draw on anything I could find as a child.  Now there are many programs and applications that can assist in bringing out creativity to another level.  

About 3 years ago I cam across a machine called the "Cricut".  Immediately I haded over to YouTube to find out more about it.  I stumbled across the "Cricut Community".  I watched dozens of videos on what this machine could do as well how it can make you money.  Now because I love graphic T-shirts I wanted to know how I could make my own design plus make money.

So, what is a Cricut?  It is a smart cutting machine that works with an app to assist in designing and personalizing almost anything.  You can use iron-on vinyl on a variety of materials such as fabric, wood, paper, and metal.  Along with the Cricut I also bought the Cricut Heat Press 2.  With the heat press I can "iron-on" my designs to T-shirts.  I call me heat press a sophisticated iron.

Check out this video of how it all comes together...

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